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Specialty Coffee Expo

" can't make everyone happy..." When small businesses hope to success in their industries, they need to focus on their niche. "...but you can make a group of people, very happy."


Specialty Coffee Expo

Mark explains how the Specialty Coffee Roasters are different from the "big guys" from a supplier's perspective. 



Specialty Coffee Expo

Do you know most people in Seattle actually stop their car when they see people crossing the road?! Mark explains the cultural difference he experienced when he moved from Philadelphia to Seattle for his career.

Specialty Coffee Expo

Why is admitting that "I need help" a sign of weakness? Reflecting on his path from an alcohol & drug center, Mark believes that admitting one needs help is the first step in recovery.   

Bothell & Woodinville Chambers

Speaking on the importance to search and focus on your passion. Interested in watching more? Here is the Full Talk



Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Reflecting on how to persevere through one's Achille's heel, and the important of overcoming these obstacles. How people, passion, and perseverance plays into the success of one's career, even in cross-cultural settings.  


The victory series

Teaching the value of hard work and supporting his employees to achieve success, how one CEO is developing industry-changing products while cultivating an inspired culture.




Speaking on how to act professional to a group of high school student preparing for college. Marks combines humor with practical advice on how to succeed when you first starting applying for internships and begin career building.