Combining humor and practical advice on business ownership, finding passion, and life balance.

Topics Include:



Identify your Silver Linings

Humorous Stories & Practical Advice On Business And Life  

Mark speaks about "the 3Ps": Passion, People, and Perseverance to deliver a humorous, lively, and practical road map to identify some keys to the pursuit of professional and personal advancement. [Read More]



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A Life In Small Business: Market Evolution, Small Business Survival, and Perseverance

A Life in Business: a humorous, lively, and practical road map to identify the keys in the pursuit of professional and personal advancement. Mark speaks about "the 3Ps": Passion, People, and Perseverance outline a road map for small business success through staying on top of market trends, leveraging employee skills with small business management, and balancing the pressure from personal and professional demands.



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The Silver Lining Career Playbook:

Mark’s colorful/humorous stories combined with powerful insights, and important lessons earned over decades of hard won experience – along with admitting drug and alcohol addiction in his 20’s -- offer a timely wake-up call to succeed even if the job isn’t a fit. It’s important to avoid the temptation to shift gears and jump to another career. [Read More]


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How To Find Hope Through Recovery:

Mark inspires people in early recovery to find the silver linings, even when the benefit isn’t immediately obvious. He takes his audience through 30+ years of recovery and finding hope through four stages. [Read More]




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“Mark was a delight for all ages and stages of career with his take on work-life balance and the importance of his three “P’s”. Through vivid storytelling, at times leaving attendees doubled over with laughter...Mark is a must see and we look forward to the having him speak again.”
— Laurie Kerkering, President of Extonn Region Chamber of Commerce
“Mark is a very open and engaging presenter. Fellow business owners really related to and learned from the highs and lows that Mark shared from his professional and personal life experiences
— John Hartman, CEO to CEO Breakfast
 “Mark…I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your career, family and life….I believe you really spoke their language..You are a wonderful speaker. Just another great accomplishment. :)”
Lynn Charlton, Malvern Prep mother (Sam’s mom)